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Date2010-06-13 07:33:45
CommentsNeat site mate, have just started to build one.
Web (under construction)
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Date2008-12-06 12:45:55
Commentshello, good site.
Web site
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Date2007-08-06 01:15:37
CommentsHello! great idea of color of this site!
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Date2007-05-21 23:47:00
CommentsWe Love You Alice! You are the coolest man in rock, yet today!
NamePatty J. Thornhill
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Date2006-06-26 12:42:09
CommentsThank you for your website. We have found it very interesting and helpful.
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Date2006-06-22 16:51:57
CommentsYour site is very informative, interesting and a certain daily visit for critical weather information. Thank you.
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Date2006-06-01 00:00:00
CommentsThe Guestbook was down (for a mere 18 months!)
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Date2005-01-28 06:19:22
CommentsI have had a look around your site and enjoyed it very much
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Date2004-08-30 18:54:36
CommentsHey gordon I didn't know your site had a guest book. And it is a great site. Bye Jonny
NameJonathan Trick
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Date2002-03-07 00:00:00
CommentsHi! I'm Larz from Sweden. I'm in desperate search of the NEW MUSIK CD "From A To B". It's difficult to get it over here. Could someone please tape it for me? I would really appreciate that. Please, mail me! Thank you!
NameLarz Gustafsson
Web sitehttp://I don't have one
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Date2001-12-10 19:14:41
CommentsWhat! You expect praise in a guest book - dream on. Merv
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Date2001-06-28 14:08:37
CommentsA really good site for an English man, but if u were here in America I would possibly take you on as Webmaster.
NameRichard Branson
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Date2001-05-26 11:29:15
CommentsHey! This site is really neat! I love the design
NameBill Gates
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Date2000-12-08 08:00:00
CommentsI heard about this site & that you enjoy developing blondes, I was amazed at the one liners but did not understand them all, however, I am dissappointed as I have in my possession numerous phographs of 40-something blondes on holiday which I thought you might have enjoyed, obviously from the content of your page I will take them to some one else who would appreciate them... by the way I have a fast car but I'm not divorced yet !
NameTracey from Southend
Web sitehttp://? Sorry I'm blonde don't know what this means.
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Date2000-10-24 08:00:00
CommentsHi Gordon. I asked Lycos to take me to a page full of good jokes and he brought me here. He must be going senile poor thing. Hope you are well. Will be in touch soon. Regards Iain
NameIain Hamlett
Web sitehttp://What's that then?
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Date2000-09-15 08:00:00
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Date2000-09-11 00:00:00
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Date2000-09-10 08:00:00
CommentsFabulous - beyond comprehension.....
NameGordon R Hooper
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